E​xplore the University Centre and the greater AKU Campus

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be housed in the new University Centre building located on the Stadium Road Campus. The top seven floors of the campus have been dedicated to FAS and the various physical and collaborative spaces and amentities that support an excellent education. Some facilities include:
  • dozens of technology-enabled classrooms and seminar rooms to support blended and online teaching and learning, connecting students and faculty in Karachi to peers and experts around the country and the world;
  • custom-designed, versatile, and modular student learning furniture and materials in each room and social space for hours of comfortable use;
  • a first-of-its-kind student and faculty lounge with sofas, bean bag chairs, low and high tables with abrstool chairs, a foosball talble, and many more features to encourage mingling and discussion within and across the University's diverse groups;
  • the technology-oriented Development Lab, with its state-of-the-art, open-concept and flexible space with multiple  areas for desk-based and collaborative work, ideation, and incubation;
  • two multipurpose halls for student-led events, exhibitions on arts and culture, special guest lecture events, and conferences and symposia;
  • multiple group study and meeting rooms that can be booked for small group work and collaboration;
  • a large ground-floor cafeteria with indoor and outdoor dining and several coffee and refreshment nooks and stations throughout the building.

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