​​PhD-Enrolled Faculty​

​As we are committed to research, faculty receive the necessary support and resources to achieve higher degree qualifications which ensures delivery of relevant teaching practice in their chosen areas. ​ ​​

Diana Mbatudde

University: University of South Africa

Thesis: Evidence-based guidelines to facilitate Improvements in essential emergency care at low and mid-level health facilities in Uganda​

Research Profiles

Annet Kabanyoro 

University: University of South Africa

Thesis: Innovative teaching and learning strategies for undergraduate nursing students in Uganda.

Moses Wankiiri

University: University of Pretoria

Thesis: Improving Discharge Planning to Reduce Readmission of Patients with Mental Illness in Uganda​

Research Profiles

Ziidah Namuwaya

University: University of Salford

Thesis: Exploring the Use of Active Birthing Techniques for Normal Labour and Birth Among Midwives Working in the Metropolitan  Region, Kampala-Uganda​

Research Profiles

Cliff Aliga

University: University of South Africa

Thesis:  Strategies to enhance the reporting of adverse events by healthcare practitioners at Mulago hosital, Uganda 

Research Profiles