PhD Qualified Faculty


The School of Nursing and Midwifery prides itself in attracting competent and qualified research active faculty who contribute to the existing body of knowledge that SONAM draws upon to deliver up to date, evidence based learning. 

Nairobi Campus

Eunice Ndirangu

University of Nottingham

Thesis: Communication and interaction in the context of routine provider initiated testing and counselling for HIV: The case of Kenya. 

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Sheila Shaibu

University of California​

Thesis: Family caregiving of the elderly in Botswana

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Dar es Salaam Campus

Columba Mbekenga

Uppsala University 

Thesis: Striving to Promote Family Health after Childbirth: Studies in Low-Income Suburbs of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Eunice Siaity-Pallangyo​

Uppsala University

Thesis: Improving postpartum care: A facilitation intervention at government-owned health institutions in a low-resource suburb in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Kahabi Isangula

University of New South Wales

Thesis: Patient trust in doctors in rural Tanzania: Meaning, factors and benefits in the context of NCDs/Hypertension care.

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Tumbewene Mwansisya

Central South University

Thesis: A resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging study revealed brain-wide functional dysconnectivity and its correlated clinical symptoms in schizophrenia patient subgroups.​

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Kampala Campus


Ahmed Sarki

University of Warwick 

Thesis: Application of disease mapping to a global public health issue in low- and middle-income countries : a case study of hypertension.​

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Ekaete Francis Asuquo​

University of Ottawa

Thesis:  Nurses’ involvement in health care research and policy development in the context of mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission in Nigeria.

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Eleanor Holroyd

Hong Kong University 

Thesis: Chinese family caregivers : dilemmas at the extremity of public and private obligations. 

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Grace Edwards

University of Liverpool

Thesis: Public perceptions about how maternal diet, drinking habits and activities during pregnancy might affect the well-being of the fetus.​​

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​PHD Qualified Adjunct Faculty

Agnes Msoka 

Doctor of Philosophy

University of Dar es Salaam ​​​​

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Constance Shumba 

  • Doctor of Philosophy in International Health (Human Resources for Health)

  • Doctor of Literature and Philosophy in Health Studies (Gender Based Violence)

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University: Queen Margaret University

Thesis: Human resource retention strategies : analysis of the factors affecting retention in Uganda's Private-Not-For-Profit hospitals  

University: University of South Africa 

Thesis: Experiences of intimate partner violence and the health needs of women living in urban slums in Kampala, Uganda.  ​

David Gathara

Doctor of Philosophy​ (Epidemiology)

University of Amsterdam 

Thesis: The use of routine case record data to evaluate quality of inpatient hospital care for newborns and children in Kenya.​

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Debra Jackson

Doctor of Philosophy​​

Flinders University

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Valerie Fleming

Doctor of Philosophy

Massey University

Thesis: Partnership, power and politics: Feminist perceptions of midwifery practice.

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