Message from the Dean

​For fifteen years The School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa (SONAM EA) has focused on developing the capacities of nurses and midwives to meet diverse health challenges across this region. Nurses and midwives make up the largest proportion of health workers globally, and in East Africa represent over 85% of the health workforce. In many places, they are the only point of care, meaning their ability to respond appropriately is the difference between life and death for thousands of individuals. 

Instilling critical thinking, confidence, leadership and compassionate care has been at the heart of SONAM EA’s academic approach. We have learnt that these tenets are the key differentiator of our graduates and we shall continue to use them as the foundation of our training. 

In an increasingly complex world, with persistently high levels of maternal and infant mortality, unacceptably high levels of child and adult malnutrition and troubling trends in non-communicable diseases; the need for nurses and midwives to be agile, adaptable and proactive is even more urgent. 

These realities will continue to guide our work in the future, and we will prepare graduates to meet and skilfully overcome these challenges. We see our role as a vanguard for changing health in East Africa through the students who pass through SONAM EA, and in time influence policy and practice in their clinics, communities and countries. ​

Professor Sharon Brownie

Dean, Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa