​Message from the Dean​​

Highly skilled nurses are essential to improving health outcomes in East Africa.

Welcome to the Aga Khan University's School of Nursing and Midwifery in East Africa (SONAM).

SONAM is integrated within a global, autonomous and not-for-profit university, focused on increasing human resource and leadership capacity in the developing world.

Our mission at SONAM East Africa is to improve nursing skills. We enroll working nurses and train them to build on their existing knowledge, skills and experience.

What is unique about our training?

We us​e a dynamic model and innovative curriculum in a “work and learn” programme that allows nurses to continue working while studying to achieve higher level qualifications including BScN, BScM and other specialisation courses.

The programmes focus on enhancing the ability of nurses to improve the quality of health care and to excel in professional nursing leadership. Our faculty provides expert tuition in a range of nursing and leadership disciplines. By being innovative, enterprising, and understanding the work environments of our students, the faculty is able to ensure maximum relevance and quality in the programmes offered.

Our graduates form an energised and productive part of the nursing workforce in both urban and rural health care facilities. They share their skills and knowledge with other nurses in the workplace, multiplying the benefits of their training. Nearly every day I hear of another extraordinary accomplishment by a SONAM graduate in health service delivery or leadership. Our alumni hold leadership positions in hospitals, universities and colleges, government authorities, businesses and non-profit organisations in East Africa.

I am committed to the development of the nursing profession and its ability to strengthen health systems in East Africa and contribute to an overall improvement in the health status of the population.

Educate a nurse. Save a community.

​Professor Sharon Brownie