Masters o​f Science in Advanced Practice Nursing (MSc-APN)​

The MSc-APN is a two-year programme to prepare advanced practice nurses who will develop innovative, practical solutions to complex health problems from a scientific perspective.   

Upon graduation, it is expected that graduates will become leaders with decision-making skills in the areas of advanced clinical practice and nursing education. As advanced nurse practitioners, they will be able to provide care in an independent capacity in a number of settings for various patients’ populations. The Programme will also provide nurses the necessary skills to conduct research that will contribute to the body of knowledge defining the discipline of nursing.    

The MSc-APN Programme will prepare graduates who will be able to:  

  • Apply contemporary knowledge from different sources and the best available evidence for professional decision-making and during practice. 

  • Apply critical and reflective thinking skills, as well as a systems approach to problem-solving and professional decision-making. 

  • Demonstrate the ability to translate and use meaningful research findings.  

  • Engage in effective ethical decision-making with respect to own practice area (e.g. clinical, education, leadership and management), or where ethical issues affect the broader health care team. 

  • Maintain confidentiality as necessary. Communicate clear, consistent and accurate information verbally, in written or electronic forms and in a manner sensitive to the context.  

  • Use advanced communication and interpersonal skills in professional work. 

  • Work collaboratively with other professionals in health care to enhance the quality practice and services offered. 

  • Articulate, promote and advocate for nursing professional development in general and the specialist role in particular, in the clinical, political and professional contexts. 

  • Contribute to knowledge and practice through identifying and conducting supervised research. 

  • Demonstrate leadership and management (planning, organizing, collaboration, delegation, problem-solving, human and material resources etc.) and policy development skills. ​