​Teaching and Practice

At SONAM, we believe effective teaching and learning is dependent not only on a holistic curriculum and good assessment techniques, but also on continuous imp​rovement of skills, knowledge and general competence of our faculty. To facilitate productive learning, faculty actively refine their pedagogical teaching methods to ensure an interactive learning environment that positively influences student learning outcomes. We consider the enhancement of teaching practice significant to the success of higher learning. Here you will learn about teaching practice initiatives our faculty are involved in.​

QuIP Report on effect of the Aga Khan University BSc Midwifery degree on the lives of graduate midwives in Uganda​

AKU-SONAM EA collaborated with Bath Social & Development Research Unit to evaluate the impact of the Bachelor of Science in Midwifery programme on the first graduating class from Uganda. The study termed the QuIP Report, aimed to help AKU-SONAM understand more about drivers of change, both positive and negative, for use in the development of midwifery programmes in the future. You can download and read the report here.​

Building cancer research in the region

​​​SONAM Faculty Ms Diana Kassaman had an informative session with Ms Tayreez Mushani and Dr Margaret Burton-Burke the immediate former President of the Oncology Nursing Society and the Director, Nursing Research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the US. You can find out how Ms Kassaman’s journey unfolded here. 

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Workshop in Tanzania

SONAM members of faculty improve their approaches to participative learning. They do this during the Teaching and Learning Network workshop that was held in Dar es Salaam.

To find out more about the different components of participative learning that faculty were being taken through, read more here. 

Transforming leadership for 21st century Africa Workshop

The three SONAM Academic heads go through a leadership course. The course was facilitated through a collaboration between AKU’s Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC) and the John F. Kennedy (JFK) School of Government at Harvard University.

To find out more about what the academic heads learned from this programme, read the story here. 

Mental health workshop

The Dean of SONAM as well as a few instructors collaborate with international experts and other AKU specialists to review the mental health course offered by SONAM. Read more here 

SONAM takes the next step in blended learning


In this story, SONAM’s instructors are taken through how to use Moodle, in order to enhance interactions with students. To find out what Moodle is and how SONAM use it, click here. 

Research capacity-building workshop in Zanzibar

Professor Sharon Brownie, Dean SONAM – EA and Dr Eunice Siaity-Pallangyo from the Tanzania faculty ran a workshop with nearly 100 nurses and midwives. They focused on why research is important and the role of nurses and midwives in it. Find out how this went here.  

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing 44th Biennial Convention

Dr Eunice Ndirangu and Ms Gladys Mbuthia, Academic Head and Bachelor of Nursing Program Coordinator respectively, presented their papers the Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Honor Society of Nursing’s 44th Biennial Convention in Indianapolis, USA.

Find out what STTI is, why this was significant and what they presented on, here. 

Manuscript-writing Workshop: University of Washington

SONAM facilitates a workshop for researchers in collaboration with the University of Washington. The workshop was to help the researchers refine their skills of writing their manuscripts. You can find more information here.​