Season 2​

​From the Pamirs to the Himalayan mountains, Season 2 of Voices from the Roof of the World shows us a glimpse of the troubles that await us in the near future if we fail to listen to climate warnings in South and Central Asia.​

​Episode 1: In a Hotter World

The Thar desert is an unforgiving landscape with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius. The struggle to survive in Thar is a testament to the resilience of the people and wildlife, forced to endure in a hotter world.

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Abdullah ​Khan​

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​Episode 3: Homage to Water

Fishing and farming communities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan face a looming threat to their culture and survival as water resources in CentralAsia dry up dangerously-fast.

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Janyl Jusupjan​

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​Episode 5: Shepherds of Naar

With unpredictably severe storms and rising temperatures, Pasang and Rgitar’s yaks must be herded higher and higher every summer, making the journey ever more perilous. Follow the shepherds leading the vast yak herds of one Nepalese village to higher pastures, and the troubles they face.

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Asmita Shrish ​

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​Episode 7: Cold Wind Valley​

The people of the Sary-Jaz River valley have always believed that the Enilchek glacier would be there forever. After all, the Sary-Jaz valley is fringed by the highest peaks in the Tien Shan range, Peak Pobeda (7439 m) and Khan-Teniri (6995 m). But Alexander Vereshchagin, the chief scientist in the Khan Teniri Nationa Park, knows better. Alexander has seen with his own eyes how much the biggest collection of glaciers in Kyrgyzstan has dramatically retreated. We join him on a horseback survey of Khan Teniri Nature Park, as he meets the valley’s shepherds and surveys the profound changes in their landscape.  

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Aibek Balymbetov ​​

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​Episode 9​: A Cry from the Mountains​

Last May record temperatures provoked a GLOF or glacial lake outburst flood in northern Pakistan, sweeping away bridges and villages in the valley below the Shisper glacier. Higher up the mountains, a semi-nomadic people called the Wakhi were leading their yaks to summer pastures. Their traditional lifestyle has also been heavily impacted by climate change.    ​

We profile both the scientists and the villagers on this global warming frontline.  

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Karim S​h​allwanee​

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​Episode 2: Blue Eyes of the Pamirs

Tajikistan’s high Pamir Mountains are sprinkled with a series of striking glacial lakes: Karakul, Zorkul, Burunkul and Yashiikul. Gradually, the glaciers are melting, and waterscarcity is threatening Central Asia.​​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Tolik Godomamad​ov​​

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​Episode 4: Snow Shadows

The world’s most elusive big cats are suffering greatly on account of habitat destruction. With less natural prey to eat, snow leopards are attacking more domesticated livestock. We follow one angry herder who has lost more than a hundred animals to snow leopards. And a former hunter, now a tourist guide, who wholeheartedly works to protect the big cats.

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Abdullah Khan

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​Episode 6: Climbing Temperatures On Top of the World​

More rain and hotter temperatures have also sparked an insect infestation in their home villages. Himalayan mountaineer and local villager, Phinjo Sherpa, describes how rising temperatures have led to rock falls and avalanches and the melting of the  Everest base camp.​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Shanta Nepali

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​Episode 8: Wealth of the Nation​

Kyrgyzstan’s Naryn River, born near the Petrov Glacier, begins its journey next to a massive gold mine, long troubling environmentalists. Although the river is very important for agriculture and power production, environmental awareness of those who depend on its health is low. Raw sewage is routinely dumped into Naryn River. A drought and melting glaciers would deplete the Toktogul reservoir, jeopardize the viability of the power station. We talk to those trying to save a river in serious condition​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Iskender Aliev

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​​Episode 10​: The Valleys our Ancestors Chose

The Kalasha are an indigenous community residing in three valleys found at the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Pakistan. Their ancient religion is deeply connected to nature, and they celebrate the changing seasons.  Once beyond the monsoons, their isolated valleys are now routinely flooded due to climate change. 

In 2015, devastating floods destroyed fields, homes and Kalashas’ livelihoods, threatening the very existence of Pakistan’s smallest indigenous community.  We document the annual harvest festival, which this summer was followed by the historic floods that inundated much of Pakistan. 

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director:  Tazeen Bari

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