​​​Season 3

​Episode 1: Starving for Change ​

In 2022, Pakistan's monsoon floods destroyed millions of acres of farmland and killed millions of livestock, triggering an extreme food crisis. With nearly 10 million children suffering from stunting and extreme weather changes restricting crop production, how do we recover from the destruction and feed the children of Pakistan? ​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Cyrus ​Viccaji

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​Episode 3: When the Floods Come​

When the Floods come is a 30-minute adventure film exploring the human impact of Pakistan’s historic 2022 floods, by way of an unforgettable 3000km road trip, starting from the famous glaciers of the northern areas, following the flow of the Indus River, to the hottest and worst impacted areas of northern Sindh. It is also a personal odyssey by the filmmaker exploring the village where he grew up and the people who still remember him 20 years later. ​​​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Nyal Mueen​uddin​​

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​​Episode 5: Wings of the Himalayas

In the heart of Nepal’s majestic Himalayas lives the iconic Bearded Vulture - a threatened species in the country. But with #Nepal’s rapidly changing climate, the future of the Vulture and the livelihood of the mountain communities is in danger. ​

Watch ‘Wings of the Himalayas’ to follow the footsteps of two biologists who delve into the captivating world of the Bearded Vulture and how it contributes to the culture of the Himalayan communities.​​​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Kiran Ghadge​ and Munir Virani​​​

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​Episode 2: Dhye Dreams​

Water levels have declined drastically in Upper Mustang Nepal, forcing the villagers in Himalayan mountains to abandon homes of many generations. 

Watch Dhye Dreams to experience the stories of three resilient women fighting against their fate and surviving through climate change. ​​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Shanta Nepali

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​Episode 4: Teresken in Trouble​

Teresken – the main shrubby plant in Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains, holds down mountain soil and prevents the spread of high-mountain deserts. Every truck load of teresken carried away to be used as fuel seriously degrades the soil and speeds up the spreading of high-mountain deserts. Wild animals like Marco Polo sheep, Siberian ibex and wild yaks have nothing left to feed on. Watch ‘Teresken in Trouble’ to see all that is at stake if local fuel alternatives are not available soon. ​​

Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​
Episode Director: Sayohat Khalilova​​

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