Our D​onors

At the School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM), East Africa, we are committed to enhancing access to education for nurses thro​ughout the region. Generous support from our donors makes it possible for us to pr​ovide nurses across East Africa with the opportunity to enhance t​​heir knowledge, skills and practice.

We would like to t​hank our current donors:​

​Johnson & Johnson​ - since 2001 - for their generous contributions that support students accessing our programmes. Many of our 2138 graduates have benefitted during the time Johnson and Johnson has been engaged with us in delivering quality education to support joint commitments to health futu​​res for the people of East Africa.​

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German Development Corporation ​- since 2013 - for supporting the planning of new programmes like the Bachelor of Science Midwifery (BScM), continuing education short courses in rural East Africa and infrastructure improvements. Also for supporting the AKU-SONAM facilitation of the harmonisation of nursing practice in the East African Community.​​

We also thank past donors:​​

​Lundin for Africa Fo​undation - 2010 to 2015 - Community Health Diploma, learning resources centre at Kwale district hospital, and short courses in Kwale County​.

​Rotary International ​- ​2011 to 2013 - student scholarships and vocational training for faculty staff​.