​Research Fellowships​

The preparation of future generations of researchers and the internal capacity to do so within local institutions of higher education remain a critical need in many countries of the Majority World. Decades of inadequate governmental investments in basic and applied research in institutions of higher education have stifled capacity building toward the development of research talent for the future. This problem is exacerbated by the reality that lack of institutional research infrastructure, poor remuneration, and lowered morale, among other factors, are driving promising scholars to either seek greener pastures abroad or turn to non-scholarly consulting and other salary supplemental activities at home. These conditions further undercut genuine efforts by universities to develop talent locally. There is overwhelming consensus on these barriers but finding a solution is solution is not easy. This Institute should be positioned to be part of an eco-space of established and emerging research institutions addressing this problem in a variety of ways.

This is the vision for the Institute’s nascent research fellowship programme. The Institute has no internal funding to support the programme on an ongoing basis. The strategy is to build fellowships into externally funded projects through which fellows receive research education and mentoring as part of their support roles on projects. The Institute currently prepares research fellows at two levels: post-doctoral fellows and post-masters research associates.

Donor partners making these fellowships possible through grants for specific projects

  1. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

  2. The International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada)

  3. Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Since the official opening of the Institute, two early-career fellows have graduated from the post-doctoral programme and two are currently in training. 

  1. Dr. Patricia Kitsao-Wekulo, APHRC (current) 

  2. Dr. Rael Ogwari, Moi University (current)​

  3. Dr. George Andima, Kisi University (previous)

Pre-Doctoral Fellowships

There are two post-masters research associates in the Institute. They are both hired on one externally funded project. 

  1. ​Ruth Muendo 

  2. Joyce Marangu

Fellowship Research Projects

Whenever resources permit, associates and fellows are awarded seed grants to conduct their own research as part of their hands-on, experiential learning and mentorship.

Research Projects

  1. SHOFCO’s Comprehensive HIV Care Initiative in Kibera, Nairobi: A Descriptive Case Study of Participant Perceptions (Ruth Muendo, Joyce Marangu, & Rael Ogwari—completed). 

  2. Impact of Cash Transfers on the Wellbeing of Caregivers and Vulnerable Children in a Kenyan Context, Joyce Marangu—ongoing seed-funded project

  3. Parental perceptions on the quality of early caregiving environments: The case of Kidogo Early Years, Ruth Muendo—ongoing seed-funded project 

  4. Early Language Stimulation Practices for the three to Five Year old Children in Kibera Informal Settlement., George Andima—ongoing seed-funded project