​​IGLUS Executive Master Programme 

Nairobi module with AKU

IGLUS is a non-profit initiative of EPFL1 and selected partners, seeking to help cities better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the governance of their infrastructures with respect to the dimensions Efficiency, Sustainability, and Resilience.

IGLUS is partnering with the East Africa Institute of the Aga Khan University (EAI), for a two week course designed to get participants to better understand the complex nature of urban regions, especially those most impacted by growing populations, infrastructural changes and competing global interests. Kenya, with a focus on Nairobi, is a prime example of a fast growing urban city & provides the perfect platform for critical thought and innovation for governance in a complex and dynamic urban system.

IGLUS brings together practitioners (city managers, city officials, urban services providers, etc.) and academics from many different disciplines (amongst others, urban planners, architects, geographers, engineers, economists, management experts, and political scientists). IGLUS’ multidisciplinary approach focuses on infrastructures (technologies), institutions (rules), actors (organizations) and pervasive information and communication technologies (ICTs).

To complement and bolster the knowledge and depth of the course the EAI and IGLUS are delighted to offer eight (8) spots for this course at no cost to anyone within our networks. 

Topics Covered​

  • Governance
  • Urban Renewal
  • Local Economy
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Smart Cities
  • Housing
  • Green Infrastructures
  • Cultural Issues
  • Waste Management
  • City Resilience
  • Local Economy
  • Gated Communities
  • Food Security​


If you would like to join us please note that you must be in Nairobi, Kenya between the 9th and 22nd of February 2020, and be willing and able to join us for the duration of the project.

Any participant wanting to join must be legally in the country either as a citizen or have a dependency, work, internship or educational visa that allows you to participate. Although the eight (8), participants from Kenya will not pay towards the course, they are expected to have their own accommodation and be able to make it to the course venue – 9 West Building, 7th Floor, Westlands, for the duration. 

​At the end of the course, participants will be notified of other global courses and how they can become full-time members of the Masters Programme; or further information can be found here: www.iglus.org

In order to keep the participation competitive, participants wanting to join the course from Kenya are asked to please email soraiya.shah@aku.edu having answered this registration form.

Registration to participate close on 5 February 2020 at 2300hrs (GMT+3). 

Confirmation of participation will be given by ​February 7 from Soraiya Shah on the email address soraiya.shah@aku.edu