About the East Africa Institute



The EAI’s mission is to provide a coherent and impartial evidence-based platform for policy formulation, decision-making and action to address the challenges and harness the opportunities for adaptive and sustainable social and economic development while ensuring a resilient environmental resource base.


The EAI promotes a culture of evidence-based approaches to design and formulation of policy. It provides a platform for interdisciplinary and integrated policy-oriented research that is both relevant to AKU academic programmes and the East African Community.


The EAI produces optimal solution options that are resilient and flexible across a range of plausible futures, drawing upon methods such as complexity and systems theory and scenario planning in order to fully understand the context and landscape within which choices are made.

Regional Focus


​​In addition to his role as Director of the East Africa​ Institute, Alex Awiti is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, where he is involved in the curriculum design for one of the most innovative liberal arts based undergraduate programmes in Africa.

Prior to joining AKU, Awiti was a postdoctoral fellow at the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York. He was also an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. For two years he worked under the mentorship of Jeffery D. Sachs, world-renowned professor of sustainable development and health policy and management, the World Food Prize laureate Pedro A. Sanchez and Cheryl Palm.