The Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health builds on the vision of the Chancellor of the Aga Khan University, His Highness The Aga Khan, who in his historic speech at the first AKU convocation in March 1989, stated: 

​"First, the University will build on its strengths in maternal and child health. Its research into problems which strike the most vulnerable of God's people, is carrying it toward the goal I have as Chancellor: that the Aga Khan University should be one of the world resources in health problems of mothers and children, and that its work on these problems will be on the frontiers of knowledge."

The cross-university Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health serves as a platform for exchange of ideas, development of best research and training programmes to serve the needs of the AKDN and the developing world. It provides a platform for academic and research activities related to several entities and contributing departments such as:

  • ​AKU-based health sciences programmes

  • AKU Medical Colleges in Pakistan and East Africa 

  • AKU Schools of Nursing & Midwifery in Pakistan and East Africa

  • AKU Institutes for Educational Development in Pakistan and East Africa

  • AKU Institutes for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, London 

  • Aga Khan Health Services in Pakistan, Afghanistan & Central Asia​ and East Africa

  • Other AKDN partners

The Centre focuses on establishing high quality education, research and training programmes in women and child health. It specifically targets clinical services, educational programmes and research by optimally utilizing shared resources to teach innovative courses in areas of high relevance to maternal and child survival and wellbeing in developing countries.​​​​

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Message from the Directors ​
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