Our Partners

Scientific Collaborators

We are wor​king with different institutes in Pakistan and North America towards our common goal of solving maternal and child health issues. Our networking with these institutes enables us to get the latest research and technical tools in answering some of pressing issues.

Centre for Global Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Canada​ is collaborating in Matiari Empowerment and Preconception Supplementation Trial (MaPPS Trial). Tearney Lab is collaborating with us in providing technology transfer in capsule endoscopy project. University of Virginia and The Gordon Lab​ is our long term partner in understanding the molecular and genetic basis of environmental enteropathy dystrophy.

National Center of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh​​ is providing us technical help in chemical analysis of food contents which we collected as part of 24 Hours food recall form from under two years of children. Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam is providing us Moringa plants and technical help for Moringa Plantation project.

Governm​ent Partners

​We maintain excellent liaison with district health and administrative teams. As part of different projects, we have strengthened the district health system through capacity building programs. Matiari district health department has provided us space and help in implementing our facility based projects.