Roshan Suleman Medical College Tando Adam​​'s visit at Mother & Child Health Research & Training Centre, Matiari​

The event, initiated with a cordial welcome, marked the commencement of a noteworthy visit to the Roshan Suleman Medical College Tando Adam Training and Research Center. Students were warmly received by the center's staff and were presented with an insightful overview of the institution's overarching mission, vision, and the extensive ongoing research initiatives. This introduction set the stage for a day of educational enrichment and engagement.

Dr. Fayaz Umrani, the Research Manager, took center stage, delivering a comprehensive presentation on the multifaceted research projects currently in progress at the Matiari Training Center. His presentation not only underscored the pivotal role of research in the medical field but also imparted invaluable knowledge to the attending medical students. Dr. Umrani's compelling discourse elucidated the essence of scientific inquiry, from formulating research questions to data collection and analysis. This presentation kindled a sense of curiosity and purpose among the students, encouraging them to embark on their own explorations within the medical domain.

Furthermore, the visit included a firsthand experience of the training center's laboratory facilities and data management unit. The students had the unique opportunity to witness and participate in experiments and diagnostic procedures, gaining a deeper understanding of laboratory practices. The importance of systematic data collection, storage, and analysis in medical research was also emphasized during their visit to the data management unit. This practical exposure provided a holistic understanding of the critical role played by research and data management in the healthcare field. Additionally, the interaction with field staff and a community visit to Abu Bakar Morojo village enriched the students' perspective on community-based projects and their real-world implications.

Overall, the event was a remarkable educational endeavor, equipping students with both theoretical knowledge and practical insights, fostering a sense of purpose in the realm of medical research and healthcare policy development. The visit to the Matiari Training and Research Center proved to be an enlightening and inspiring experience for all involved.