Medical Camp in Matiari

Event Overview: On September 15th, 2023, the Aga Khan Research Center, Matiari arranged a medical camp in Chetan Koli Village, Matiari, with the primary aim of addressing the healthcare needs of the local community by delivering medical services and health education.

Collaborative Effort: This endeavor was a joint initiative involving specialists from The Aga Khan Maternal & Child Care Centre and the research team of AKU's Mother and Child Health Research and Training Cen​ter in Matiari. Additionally, medical students from Roshan Suleman Medical College, Tando Adam, actively participated as volunteers. The medical team encompassed various specialties, featuring Dr. Heeramani Lohana (Pediatrics), Dr. Fayaz Umrani (Study Physician), Dr. Mehwish Abrar​ (Internal Medicine), and Dr. Sadaf Farsheet (Gynecology).

Services Rendered: A diverse array of services was extended to the community, encompassing medical consultations, health sessions, medicine distribution, child monitoring, referrals to specialized care, and sample diagnosis.

Outcomes and Challenges: The medical camp left a significant impact, benefiting approximately 200 patients from diverse backgrounds. However, the presence of resource constraints and the necessity for sustained care posed considerable challenges. Nonetheless, the unwavering dedication of both healthcare professionals and volunteers ensured the effective delivery of medical aid.

Significance and Future Prospects: This medical camp stood as a commendable healthcare initiative for the local community. It not only provided immediate assistance but also paved the way for the inclusion of the village in our ongoing surveillance efforts. This inclusion is instrumental in strengthening the region's long-term healthcare infrastructure.

In Conclusion: Despite the obstacles faced, the medical camp proved to be a successful endeavor, highlighting the positive impact of coordinated efforts. The commitment to continued engagement with the community is expected to optimize healthcare management and further enhance the well-being of the local population.