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The advancement in communication technologies has revolutionised the sharing of knowledge across the world. Despite easier access to scholarly resources there are still challenges for removing boundaries. Due to linguistic barriers, much valuable and original work published in Muslim societies remains largely unknown in Europe, America and even within the Muslim world. Thus, scholarship about Muslim societies has proceeded without taking into account much of the research conducted in Muslim countries.

The MCA was conceived as a response to the above situation, aiming to bridge this gulf by providing free access to a database of short book reviews (abstracts) about works concerning Muslim civilisations. Considering the huge amount of literature produced on the subject, the ambition of the project will be limited initially to covering original publications produced in the local languages of the Muslim world after 1800.

With a view to improving the project and meeting the expectiations of our contributors and users, we welcome your feedback.

By sharing your opinion, you will enrich further the project and help us select topics more attuned to the academics' and researchers' expectations.

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