Why Write Abstracts

Abstracts are important tools for readers. With the proliferation of information in print, abstracts are more in demand than ever before. 

Abstracts help people identify books they aim to read or consult for their studies. Rather than inspecting hundreds of books, researchers can browse through abstracts to decide if a book is relevant. Abstracts are also invaluable for assessing the quality of a piece of writing.

An abstract provides an overview of the book and makes reading the text easier and more efficient. It saves librarians and researchers time.

Types of Abstracts

There are two types of abstracts: informative and descriptive.

Descriptive Abstract: An abstract only outlines the topics covered in a book and is not more useful than a table of contents. It does not fulfil MCA purposes. 

Informative Abstract: An informative abstract provides details about the substance of a piece of writing.

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