Welcome Message from the Dean

​​Welcome to the Graduate School of Media and Communications. Thank you for checking us out!

GSMC is unique. Though based in Nairobi, Kenya, we serve journalists and the broader communications industry in East Africa and beyond as part of a university that straddles borders, cultures, and continents. And we do it with a diverse faculty made up of individuals who have worked at the highest levels of the media industry. They don’t just teach, they do.

The media industry is in the throes of change. Business models have been upended, audiences are shifting, the very manner in which information is gathered and distributed has been transformed. All of this has been exacerbated by the Covid pandemic and the Infodemic of mis- and dis-information that threatens society. 

How young journalists, senior media managers, and others in the communications professions tackle these challenges is the heart of what we teach. 

For young journalists with a few years in the industry, we offer advanced reporting and digital skills that enhance their ability to provide fact-based, in-depth reporting on critical issues for every media platform – print, the internet, and television. 

For senior media executives, we offer advanced courses in leadership and management that allow them to lead their organizations into the new media era.

Meanwhile, our Innovation Centre is helping to foster a new generation of innovators developing media outlets that are helping to shape the future. Our professional development courses and other degree programs currently in the pipeline help communicators in civil society, the corporate sector, and government leverage digital change to effectively break through the cacophony.

In an era when everyone has the power to communicate at the stroke of a keyboard, it has never been more crucial to ensure that the practice of journalism and the professionalization of the communications industry takes place in a manner that recognises these global challenges but also adheres to the core values of truth, accuracy, and ethics. 

The GSMC is committed to developing a thriving cosmopolitan community of communicators who understand how to navigate complex challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. 

We look forward to helping you take the next step in your career!​​

Prof Nancy Booker
Interim Dean, Graduate School of Media and Communications
Aga Khan University