Youth & Opportunity

An expansive look at the youth across the EAC region with the aim of categorising various areas of value identities that represent them. Research within the youth group will examine socio-cultural ties, educational needs and development – including development of young cities and entrepreneurial and professional qualifications.

A common framework for various policy and practice will help to foster collaboration and hasten progress towards regional convergence on competencies, standards and quality.  This will make it possible for youth from each of the five East African integrate throughout the EAC region, strengthening social and cultural ties between the member states, building the pool of highly qualified personnel in the region, and promoting a sense of East African identity.

Urgent policy research and practice questions include:  How can youth involvement be more participatory in practice and development to ensure that urban and rural infrastructure is attuned to the needs of a very youthful population throughout the EAC region, given the rapidly changing technology, labour market, and socio-economic environment? 

Contribution to research-based, policy-oriented measures will include:

  • Survey and assessment of existing data and information 

  • Comparative research on disparity and potential for coherence in standards and competencies in higher education and vocational training 

  • Framing and promoting dialogue on a coherent framework of competency indicators and quality/standards benchmarks 

  • Providing policy and institutional support to partnerships among EAC institutions of higher education to set up joint study programmes and mobility of students and faculty (and possibly joint double degrees, to

    capitalise on specialty strengths in each institution)