Food, Energy and Water

Food, water and energy security and sustainability are intimately interlinked with the impacts in one area invariably affecting the others. In an era where demands for freshwater, food and energy are unprecedented driven by a rise in pollution, population, rapid urbanisation amongst various other factors the need for country-specific and regional sustainability mechanisms is more crucial than ever.

In order for preservation and sustainability within the food, energy and water nexus cross-sectoral coordination, dialogue, and intervention is needed. This approach allows for a wide range of input and stakeholder involvement from regional and local government, civil sector professionals and local agricultural businesses on ground etc. 

This collaborative mechanism will allow for region-specific goals and practices ensuring viable sustainability, sound specific research and open access to address areas of concern at all levels for this sector.

Programme areas will focus on:

  • To what extent does increased intra-regional trade enhance access to food?

  • Are there populations whose food security status may be adversely affected or improved by integration?

  • Are there trade policy barriers arising from regional differences in the domestic agricultural policies that might require harmonisation of national policies for a common agricultural market to function and flourish?

  • Cooperative research programmes with organizations working in East Africa and internationally.