Extractives: The Economy and Ecology


The extractives industry within the East African Region is still relatively new. However the impact of these resources is deemed to contribute significantly to the GDP and export values of within each of the country’s. While the economic gains overall are highlighted within the industry a circumspect look at rights and ownership within need to be assessed so that benefit from the industry impacts not only country but society. 

This programme will look into current policy and practice so as to determine areas best practice methods for inclusion and integration of the regional communities. Investigation and analysis of current practice to determine the critical as the ecological and social repercussions start having an impact in communities and areas where extraction occurs.  

Areas of examination include:

  • Best practice for business integration with local communities

  • Ecological impact & mitigation within various extractive industries 

  • Protection of cultural and indigenous lands 

  • Conflict prevention and security management in extractive zones