​The Creative Economy

This programme focus is intended to facilitate a better understanding of the key issues underlying the emerging creative economy at the national and regional levels.  Research will be undertaken with a high level of cross-sector consultation and collaboration.

The creative economy programme of the EAI will focus, initially, on the following issues following an in-depth survey and mapping:

  • Survey and assessment of existing data and information.

  • Definition and formulation of the best mix of policies, strategic choices of practices, and effective, integrated institutions.

  • Formulation and advocacy of policy strategies that recognize the interdisciplinary nature of the elements of the creative economy (economics, social, business, cultural and environmental dimensions).

  • Pragmatic policymaking that enables recognition and understanding of the diverse community of creative economy stakeholders, how they relate to each other and how the creative economy interfaces with other sectors of the economy.

  • Formulation of policies for the creative economy that are responsive to interests and demands from local communities for education, cultural identity and social inclusion, and environmental concern.