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​Nature and people living in the world’s highest mountains from the Himalayas to the Tian Shan ​ need a voice. Now thanks to a joint project by ​The Aga Khan UniversityAga Khan FoundationAga Khan Agency for Habitat​ and University of Central Asia​, a select group of young Asian filmmakers will be trained, mentored and supported to produce ground breaking environmental films. The upcoming series of half hour shows will be produced to the highest international standards and will be screened on national prime time television in​ Pakistan. By tackling both the problems of climate change and highlighting local solutions, the documentaries will goad and inspire government, business and civil society leaders to reverse the region’s ecological destruction and conserve its water and wildlife. 

​Help local filmmakers, community leaders and environmental activists build the popular momentum for change before it is too late. The fate of almost two billion people depends on it. ​​​


Andrew Tkach


​Voices from the Roof of the World

 voicesro​ofworld@aku.edu ​