​​​Decemb​er 1, 2020​


#GivingTuesday is back! Celebrate the spir​it of giving and support AKU to educate leaders, advance knowledge and save lives. Your generosity and kindness over the years has made a difference to the University and all its students, faculty and staff.

How your generosity transforms lives!


 AKU students on financial assistance in East Africa.


 AKU students on financial assistance in Pakistan.


Patient visits supported by financial assistance in 2018 and 2019 at AKUH Karachi​.


AKU students are 

Financial Assistance and Scholarships  

At AKU, we rely on a thriving financial assistance programme to help us attract, accept and retain high-achieving students in the areas of healthcare, education, media and the study of Muslim civilizations.  

Supporting students with scholarships enables those with the greatest financial need to have a rewarding and worry-free experience at AKU and graduate without the burden of debt.  

Financial assistance also creates greater socioeconomic diversity on our campuses in Pakistan, East Africa and the United Kingdom, enriching our learning communities with a variety of perspectives and life experiences.  As well, it gives talented AKU students access to an education that will transform their future and prepare each of them for a life of service and leadership.  


Dean’s Fund  

The Dean's Fund plays an important role in achieving AKU’s mission. The fund is used to support immediate needs during the academic year, sustains vital programmes and finances emerging opportunities. For example, the Fund can support student hardship, delivery exception classroom and online experiences and undertake cutting-edge research.

As we navigate the unchartered territories of the COVID-19 pandemic, this flexible funding is more important than ever. 


Patient Welfare  

Aga Khan University Hospitals believe that the highest quality patient care should be available to everyone. The Hospitals are committed to ensuring that patients from low-income backgrounds are able to access a broad range of hospital, clinical, diagnostic and laboratory services through financial support. Equally important, patients who receive support are given the same level of care as those who can afford to pay. 

Through our Patient Welfare Programme, the Hospitals are able to provide quality healthcare to members of society from under-privileged backgrounds, regardless of religion, gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic background or place of residence. ​

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