Student Support Services

Student Activities
Student activities are an integral part of AKU. These are usually organised by student committees concerned with Publications, Sports and Arts and Culture. The student members on these committees are elected annually from each class. A member of the faculty or staff is appointed to each of these committees by the Dean to provide guidance and to facilitate implementation of decisions ​that require interaction with the different departments. Elections to these committees are conducted usually at the end of October after the new class settles into the College.

Student Societies
In line with students own interest, they may join the Photography and Music Society; Student Research Forum (SRF); the Student Bioethics Society and Public Speaking Forum. Students manage these societies themselves with some support from the faculty and the Student Affairs department.

Faculty Committees
In addition to the above student committees there are several Faculty Committees in the University including the Library Committee, Student Health Committee, the Examination and Promotion Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

The Student body is represented on these committees. Elections are conducted to induct students as follows:

The Curriculum committee
Three representatives: one each from year 1, year 3 or 4, and year 5.

Year Committees 1 - 5
One student on each Year Committee from each academic year, respectively.

Examination and Promotion Committee
​One student from year 5 Library1 student each from year 2 and from year 4

Student Health
One male and one female student from year 2 and year 4

Inter University Competitions
The University participates in various Inter University events including sports, debates, drama festivals and research congresses.  Plans for these are decided and routed through the Deans' Office and Student Affairs Office. It is not within the terms of reference of students' committees to organise Inter University competitions.​​​