​Student Clubs and Societies


​There are a number of clubs and societies students can be a part of​:

Established in 2017, the newly-established photography society is flourishing at AKU. Aperture conducts frequent photography trips off-campus, arranges workshops for budding photographers, and invites speakers to further the community’s learning. Enterprising members frequently work with the ​Office of Student Experience, Pakistan to cover events at AKU. ​

Aga Khan University Club for Theatrics
Responsible for promotion of indivi​dual talent and organization of dramas and plays.​

Student Research Forum 
Responsible for research awareness in a wide variety of medical topics, ranging from internal medicine and public health to molecular cell biology and ethics. The forum is also responsible for conducting the Annual Students’ Health Sciences Research Conference.

Surgery Interest Group

A student-led body for mentoring & motivating aspiring surgeons via a platform to interact with surgic​al alumni and practicing surgeons.​​ Explore now.

A peer-to-peer mentorship group to improve student life by providing different avenues for entertainment and socialisation which aims to help incoming students adapt to the university and make their transition comfortable.

Falah (NGO)

Falah is a registered student led non-profit organization operating solely within AKU. It was initiated in 1993 by a group of MBBS students, with the singular purpose of contributing towards patient welfare and making a positive difference in their lives.​

Public Speaking Forum
This is the home of free speech and discourse at the Aga Khan University. Students of the School of Nursing, the Medical College, and the Institute of Education Development come together and debate over topics ranging from world affairs to medical ethics, philosophical ideologies to world economy, terrorism to human rights. The Forum has 3 branches: Parliamentary Style, Model United Nations, and Declamation. Patronage of the Forum involves participation in local and national tournaments, with many members ranking in the top 10, as well as bringing home multiple trophies.

Society for the Promotion of Innovation in Education
This society works on promoting innovative subject matter, curricula, and pedagogy among AKU students, faculty, and staff. It functions in collaboration with personnel at the Centre​ for Innovation in Medical Education which is home to world-class medical simulation technology including low, medium, and high-fidelity mannequins.

Student Committees

Students are encouraged to pursue their interests by joining committees or by initiating other societies to enrich their education experience at the University.

Graduation Book/Yearbook Committee
​Responsible for developing and publishing each graduating class’s yearbook.

Student Health Committee
​Responsible for overseeing the Student Health function at AKU.​

Publication Comm​ittee
​Responsible for publishing the students’ annual magazine.

Sports Committee
Responsible for promoting student sports.

Arts & Culture Committee
Responsible for promoting and organizing cultural activities and art exhibitions.

Student Health Committee 
Responsible for identifying health-related problems faced by students and conveying these issues to the relevant stakeholders.

Year Book Committee 
Responsible for publishing the Year Book for the graduating class.

Class Representatives Committee
Responsible for conveying the wishes of their classmates to university faculty and administration as well as for disseminating important information to their class.

Faculty-Led Committees

In addition to the above student committees, there are several Faculty Led Committees in the University including the Library Committee, the Examination and Promotion Committee, Admission and Progression Committee, Curriculum sub-committee and the Curriculum Committee, Research Committee and Ethics Committee. Representation of students for each committee is decided via student election conducted by the Office of Student Experience, Pakistan.​