​​​​Co-Curricular/Experiential Learning Support Programme​

The foremost aim of establishing this fund is to assist students engaging in episodic (non-recurring) co-curricular, extracurricular, and experiential learning activities organised internally or outside the university. Students can apply for support when they require money to help them take part in developmental courses, leadership programmes, workshops, hackathons, conferences, and service-learning opportunities of non-academic nature.


  • Partial and/or bridge financing facility.​
  • Support is subject to the availability of budgeted funds.
  • The funding can only be used for co-curricular and non-academic experiential learning.​


  • An active student in full-time or part-time undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degree-seeking academic programmes at AKU:
    • Medical College: MBBS, ASDH, MPhil-BBS , MHPE, MHPM, MSc-Epidemiology and Biostatistics, MSc in Public Health, PhD in Health Sciences
    • School of Nursing: Post-RN (BScN) , BScN, MSc.N., PhD in Nursing
    • IED: MEd, MPhil in Education, PhD in Education
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Students who complete the online Application Form, including the undertaking.
  • Students applying for funding no less than three months before they require funding unless there is clear evidence of genuine need within a shorter timeframe.


  • Students with a semester or year break (considered inactive).
  • Student having a record of academic or disciplinary misconduct.
  • In case of rejection, an applicant cannot reapply for the same programme or activity.


Application CycleApplication TimelinesApplication ReviewNotification/Outcome
1stApril 1 – May 30JuneJune/July
2ndJune 1 – July 31
3rdAugust 1 – September 30OctoberOctober/November
4thOctober 1 – November 30DecemberDecember/January*

*Year: 2024 

Students should consider applying three months before the programme confirmation deadline. Applicants must consult the Office of Student Experience (OSE) for programmes with shorter/strict deadlines.


  • Complete the online ap​plication form.
  • Submit all documentary evidence, wherever applicable.
  • Acknowledge and sign the 'Undertaking' in the application.
  • Applicant must provide a sufficient explanation of how the funds will be utilised.
  • PELF Co-curricular Support Committee reviews applications.
  • Recommended applications are forwarded to the Vice Provost, Student Affairs and Services - Advisory Committee.
  • Applicants are notified via email about the outcome individually.
  • Office of Student Experience contacts the successful applicants to complete formalities about the disbursement of funds.


  • Quality of the intended event/programme of the applicant.
  • Applicant's Profile.
  • Financial Need Assessment.
  • Number of applications received/assessed.
  • Availability of funds in the budget.
  • Past funding status of applicants.

The Committee reserves the right to consider other discretionary factors and parameters in addition to the above while reviewing applications.


  • All applicants are notified about the outcome of their application.
  • Successful applicants receive an email confirmation of funding approval and any conditions associated with the funds from the Office of Student Experience.
  • If required, successful applicants may be asked to visit the Office of Student Experience to discuss the modalities and other formalities​.​
  • After completing all the conditions/documents, an electronic fund transfer is made to the student's bank account (details provided in the application form) no later than 30 working days.

The funds disbursed to a student will constitute an advance payment. There will be no cash handling at any point during this process. The student must submit the invoice or other documentary evidence to support the payment settlement.



  • Students must sign an undertaking committing that they will use this money only for its intended purpose.
  • The fund cannot be used for activities related to their curricular requirements, such as research conferences, academic symposiums, etc.
  • Students may face disciplinary consequences as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures if it is determined that funds were used for purposes other than that disclosed in the students' original application, i.e., unrelated to co-curricular or experiential learning activities. In such an event, University rules for non-payment of dues will apply.
  • Students are expected to contribute towards their own personal and professional development.
  • Upon follow-up and review by the disbursement office(s), students may be required to present their documentation to the AKU Finance or designated office(s) for further evaluation.
  • Where the Office of Student Experience identifies students to represent the University in external forums, the University shall provide funding. Other students attending such events as independent participants will not be eligible for support from this Fund.