Professional Bodies​

The School of Nursing and Midwifery (SoNaM) is an active member of the nursing professional bodies of Pakistan. These bodies are responsible for setting and approving curricula for various nursing programmes offered in country, providing licenses for practice and developing policies to improve the quality of health care provided by nurses and midwives. 

Pakistan Nursing Council

The Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), established in 1948, is an autonomous, regulatory body constituted under the Pakistan Nursing Council Act (1952, 1973). It is empowered to register (license) Nurses, Midwives, Lady Health Visitors (LHVs) and Nursing Auxiliaries to practice in Pakistan. ​

For more information: Pakistan Nursing Council​

Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation

The Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation (PNF), a successor to the Trained Nurses Association works for the welfare and betterment of nurses, midwives and health visitor in the country. 

For more information: Pakistan Nurses, Midwives Federation​​​