​Our H​istory​ 


At the invitation of nursing leaders of the governments of East Africa, the School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM) was established to enhance the skills of working nurses throughout the East African region. Our mission is to provide nurses and midwives with internationally benchmarked quality education that is:

​​Relevant                  Innovative​                    Accessible                          Affordable                         Needs-based

In 2001, Aga Khan University first SONAM programme began in Uganda, followed by Kenya and Tanzania in 2002. Currently, there are about 512 nurses enrolled in SONAM programmes throughout East Africa and we have graduated 2,138 students.

SONAM aims to enhance the overall health status of the people of East Africa by preparing a critical mass of qualified nursing professionals. Our programmes are unique in their needs-based design for working nurses. They specifically aim to prepare nursing professionals to meet the healthcare needs of the East African region.