​Brief profiles of some of our Alumni from Uganda


GITA DEBORAH, ‘08, Divine Day Care Centre and Nursery, Uganda

Milday sponsored Gita for a BScN course at the Aga Khan University (AKU). At her graduation, Gita received the academic excellence award for 2005-2008. In the course of her work, Gita realized that working mothers and staff at Milday faced many challenges providing care for their children in their homes. Gita is the founder, administrator, school nurse, program builder and education manager at Divine Daycare where she also handles medical issues, record keeping, communication with parents, nutrition and mental health – skills she acquired at AKU.


ORAJA GEOFFREY, ‘13, Clinic Manager, Uganda

Geoffrey was inspired to become a nurse because his mother was a nurse. He had a Certificate when friends told him about the work-study programme only available at AKU. The work-study programme allowed him to manage his family, go to work and to study at the same time.

Geoffrey completed the AKU Diploma in Nursing and then opened his clinic called Quality Care, located in Kireka neighbourhood in Kampala. “Studying at AKU has changed my life. I got a lot of knowledge and skills”. Because of the skills he got from AKU, particularly improvising, he has been able to manage his facility even with little income. Geoffrey is currently studying the BScN at AKU. He has ambitions to expand the clinic, perhaps even one day to open a hospital. He is an alumni who is truly passionate about his work.