GRC Terms of Reference

1.0     Mandate:

The membership of the Grants Review Committee (GRC) shall be appointed by the University Research Council and report to this body. The functions of GRC include the following:

  • Review proposals for funding from the University's unrestricted endowment for research, utilising external reviewers as required, from the viewpoint of sound justification, method and other technical considerations, ability to undertake the work, and the University's priorities and resources for research.

  • Recommend to the University Research Council the proposals to be funded.

  • Review periodically the progress of research funded by the unrestricted endowment.

  • Submit a report on the work of the Committee every six months and as required.

2.0     Membership

  • Fifteen, including the chairman, to be appointed by the University Research Council; up to 5 may be external members who are active researchers. Members should be selected to represent experience of quantitative and laboratory based as well as qualitative methods and diverse disciplines.

  • Term of office of members and chair is 3 years. Members and the Chair may be re-appointed for no more than one term consecutively.