Animal Facility

Since 1985, the Medical College has had an animal facility to house rodents and rabbits for teaching and research purposes. Following an internal review, this facility was transferred to the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in 2012. The Animal Facility works on the 3Rs principle i.e. Replacement, Refinement and Reduction, for ethical use of animals in research.


  • Provide quality husbandry and veterinary care to animals

  • Facilitate researchers and students for the humane care and use of laboratory animals in biomedical research and teach​ing.

  • Educate and train staff, students and researchers to promote responsible use of laboratory animals for the benefit of mankind.

Salient Features

  • Veterinary care for all laboratory animals to improve welfare and to minimise the risk of zoonosis.

  • Controlled breeding for laboratory animals for a synchronised and economical population.

  • Controlled temperature and light/ dark periods in animal facility for reproducible results.

  • Separation of different species to prevent interspecies disease transmission and to eliminate the potential for anxiety, physiologic and behavioral changes.

  • Quarantine measures have been adapted to control infections.


It is mandatory to get approval from the Ethics Committee for Animal Care and Use (ECACU) for any animal based research. After approval, researchers will be able to order animals from the Animal Facility. Researchers must receive training in basic animal care and use prior to project commencement.

​Education and Trainings

Animal Facility provides education on the basic anatomy and physiology of laboratory animals. It also offers basic and species-specific trainings on:

  • Handling and restraining

  • Anaesthesia and euthanasia

  • Blood collection from various sites i.e. tail and ear vein, heart, peri-orbital sinus etc

  • Drug administration via IP, IM, IV, SC etc

Untrained individuals will not be allowed to work in the Animal Facility.


First Floor, Services Building, Aga Khan University, Stadium Road Campus, Karachi, Pakistan​


+92-21-3493-0051 Ext:4444