Annual Research Magazine 2021

The Aga Khan University is conducting cutting-edge research in settings ranging from the laboratory to rural areas, and delivering important findings that can improve people’s​ lives in Asia, Africa and beyond. 

 With each passing year, AKU’s research capacity continues to grow. Hence, there is every reason to believe that AKU research will continue to deliver solutions to pressing problems, to advance knowledge in an increasingly wide array of fields and to demonstrate the vital role that low- and middle-income countries can play in the global process of scientific inquiry​

In AI, researchers see a tool for identifying at-risk newborns
“We are going to enjoy ourselves, in a halal way!”
A new strategy for improving mental health in Pakistan
Big data + machine learning = better health in East Africa?
East Africa’s news media strive to meet threats to freedom, profits
Study links maternal nutrition and child health
Developing novel therapies for leukaemia and blood disorders
Nationwide study reveals limited learning in math and science
Major project yields sharp fall in newborn and child mortality