Message from the Vice Provost

​In the past two years 45% of AKU's teaching faculty have accessed our services with 90% returning for more. In addition a third of AKU's programmes have undergone cyclical review. Some 10% of our faculty have also been through the Teaching and Learning enhancement workshop (TLEW) with. Of the 53 faculty who participated in these across-entity workshops in Dar es Salaam and Karachi in 2016, all participants strongly agreed, or agreed, t​hat this intensive, one facilitator to 4 faculty, three-day, practical and peer-led workshop met the objective of supporting participants to develop increased competence and confidence as facilitators of learning and provided them with resources to be more reflective about their teaching. 

"When I was invited for ISW, I just wondered, what is new this time after having taught for more than twenty years? The experience I went through proved me wrong. The learning opportunities were plenty. The BOPPPS teaching plan model is just wonderful, it is practical. It kept me reflecting on practice and made me wonder – was I doing the right thing? Several things made me grow, the BOPPPS model, peer feedback, interaction with resources, being challenged and supported by facilitators, the friendly and safe learning environment, and the list can go on. All these worked wonders. I came out of the ISW workshop a better teacher." – TLEW faculty participant.​​

W​e will continue to work closely with and utilise the expertise of faculty development units such as the Departments for Educational Development and teacher education experts at the Institutes for Educational Development.

​We are here to serve and support you in your commitment to the on-going improvement of our academic programmes.  We look forward to partnering with you to enhance effective pratices in teaching, learning, assessment and qu​ality at AKU.   

Dr. Tashmin Khamis