Expectations ​

Members of the Teachers’ Academy are expected to maintain high levels of teaching and faculty development that qualify them for membership and provide significant contribution towards advancing the TA mission. They are expected to fulfill their service expectations, which include:
1. Revising criteria for recruiting TA Chairs in consultation with TAAB members and appointing a chair from  TA members.
2. Serving as a chair or an active member of the TA committee, as well as other administrative roles such as coaching potential applicants.
3. Enhancing faculty development and teaching at the University through contributing to TL_net activities such as TL_net flagship programmes and seminars, peer-mentoring in TEACH to help their colleagues gain HEA fellowships, review of SoTL grants, developing TL guides and resources.
4. Participating actively in TA meetings and other events such as celebration of new members, recognition of members contributions etc.
5. Documenting and reflecting upon their participation and service. Submit one-page summary annually to the membership committee chair.
6. Serving as a liaison at activities related to the TA mission in other venues such as academic conferences, department-based workshops etc.
7. Gaining educational development and leadership experience in order to be eligible for applying for the chair of the TA or SFHEA.
8. Contributing to a cyclical membership continuation review process and induction of new members.