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Creating a ripple effect: an alumna’s story
April 10, 2019

Find out how AKU alumna Dr Munira Amirali has inspired thousands of maths teachers.
Reshaping child emergency care, one ER at a time
January 20, 2019

Dr Mahmood on his mission to revamp paediatric emergency care in the public sector.
From empathy to impact: an alumna’s story
January 10, 2019

Dr Younus is the 1st graduate of Pakistan’s only child and adolescent psychiatry programme.
Don’t forget the three As!
January 3, 2019

Affability, ability and another quality bring success, Dr Mogere tells PGME Class of 2018.
Graduates urged to be bold in pursuing change
December 1, 2018

Congratulations to our graduating class of doctors, nurses, educators and dental hygienists!
Faculty recognised for leadership in child and adolescent mental health
November 20, 2018

Dr Ayesha I. Mian is honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award
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