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Exploring the history of unique mosques
September 7, 2017

ISMC will be the first to explore the medieval architecture of the Maldives.
Realising the full potential of health research
September 4, 2017

Partnerships can help universities explore commercial applications of their research.
Launch of high-tech simulation lab set to enhance dental education
August 30, 2017

US$ 0.5 million investment offers new way to teach advanced skills
Seasonal changes increasing risk of vector-borne diseases: experts
August 29, 2017

Faculty work with the WHO and Sindh government to share the latest knowledge.
Discovering science in the laboratory
August 25, 2017

Nursing students aren’t afraid to try unusual experiments in the laboratory.
Addressing a burning concern
August 18, 2017

Public health experts gather to launch a collaborative study on heat emergencies.
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