Patient Safety Workshop at SONAM​

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To equip medical students with the skills to improve the quality and safety in healthcare settings,  The Centre for Patient Safety organized a 5-day workshop for 4th year nursing students at The School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM) in October. 

The workshop was attended by 139 students where subject matter experts at AKU and International faculty from Johns Hopkins delivered extremely informative and interactive sessions.  With a special focus on improving patient safety and providing quality care in healthcare systems, the workshop majorly revolved around topics like preventing harm, disclosing errors, infection prevention, and system perspective for Quality and Patient Safety. 

CPS initially introduced the workshop for 3rd-year MBBS students which received tremendous appreciation. After receiving an overwhelming response, as part of the Centre's continuous development initiative, the team then organized the workshop for the students at SONAM.

The workshop proved to be a successful initiative which is evident from one of SONAM's student feedback who said:

"The patient safety course is one of the most interesting and beneficial courses of my entire 4 years of education where we learned a lot of strategies and concepts to deal with different situations at the hospital side. All the sessions were well-planned and well organized by the faculty. This course further uplifted the level of understanding about how to deal with the adverse events or unpleasant situations at the workplace and also how to prevent future errors"

With this much-needed initiative, the CPS team will continue to make a positive change towards healthcare systems by establishing foundation knowledge for the medical students in patient safety so that risks and errors during the provision of healthcare can be prevented.