Undergraduate Medical Education ​

Community Health Sciences (CHS) has been making a substantial contribution in the overall Under-Graduate Medical Education (UGME) of the Aga Khan University. The CHS, UGME curriculum contributes about 18 percent during the five years of medical education. This curriculum is student-centred, competency-based, problem-solving, community oriented and community-based. The curriculum tries to keep abreast with the current global focus of public health. In addition to traditional mode of teaching, CHS concepts and issues are also integrated into Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodology. CHS-Urban Health Program field sites in squatter settlements of Karachi are utilized for community-based teaching. In addition field-based teaching is also conducted at the service delivery locations of other Non-Governmental Organizations. Read m​ore...

Director Undergraduate Medical Education, CHS: Dr Asad Ali Khan Afridi​

Graduate Programmes

MSc in Epidemiology & Biostatistics


MSc EpiBio students with faculty members ​​​ 

The programme is accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and according to PMDC regulations provides a Type II-B degree which is the most advanced level of master’s degree in Pakistan. The programme is designed to train health professionals to have an in-depth knowledge of epidemiology, biostatistics and their application in analysing the major public health issues in Pakistan and developing countries with a focused approach to regional problems and needs. Graduates of the programme are expected to play a leading role in the field of public health by analysing major public health problems.  Read more...

Director Epidemiology & Biostatistics Programme: Dr Shafquat Rozi​

MSc in Health Policy & Management


MSc HPM students with Faculty Members and
External Examiner Dr Assad Hafeez (Director General Health, Ministry of NHSRC)

AKU offers an MSc in Health Policy and Management programme since 2000.  This is a two-year programme  housed in CHS and comprises of eight quarterly terms involving coursework, placement/ internship and thesis. The programme is accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and according to PMDC regulations provides a Type II-B degree which is the most advanced level of master’s degree in Pakistan.Read more...

Director Health Policy & Management Programme: Dr ​Narjis Rizvi

Post Graduate Medical Education

Community Medicine Residency Programme

The 4 year CMR Training Programme started in 1997 and is approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan.

​The primary goal of the Community Medicine Residency Training Programme in CHS is to educate caring and skilled physicians who are well-prepared to enter graduate and specialty training programmes. They provide highly competent and compassionate, population based health care while demonstrating the ​highest level of professionalism and sensitivity to the diverse personal and cultural contexts in which medical care is delivered.​ Read more...

Director Community Medicine Residency Programme: Dr Asaad Nafees​

Continuing Education Programme 

Department of Community Health Sciences, Aga Khan University is offering short courses since 1994. The training need was identified​​​​ jointly by the department as member of The Aga Khan Regional Network Program (RNP) in 1988.  The programme goal was to train the field personnel and midlevel managers of the Network (Kenya, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Pakistan) with focus on developing and testing approaches for sustainable health system development.  CHS implemented the courses under ‘Regional Training Programme (RTP) with financial support from The Aga Khan Foundation (1994-1998). 

In 2000, regional training programme was renamed as Continuing Education Programme (CEP). Over the years the programme is sustainable through cost recovery initiatives.

The CEP courses are conducted through technical support from the divisions of Health Systems, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Environmental Health Science, Behavioral and Social Sciences and Population and Reproductive Health Programme.​ 

In September 2012, the American Academy of Continuing Medical Education (AACME) has awarded "Provisional Accrediation" status to all the courses offered by the Department of Continuing Professional Education (DCPE) including those offered under Continuing Education Programme (CEP) of CHS. Read more...

Director Continuing Education Programme: Dr Sara​h Saleem