Centre of Excellence for Trauma and Emergencies​​​

The Centre of Excellence for Trauma and Emergencies (CoE- T&E) builds on the vision of our Chancellor, who in his historic speech following the devastating earthquake in the Northern Areas of Pakistan in 2005, stated:

“The earthquake has brutally reminded this University of the reason for its existen​ce… Governments, themselves overwhelmed, do their best and carry most of the burden of the basic recovery. But they (government) and the world’s donours must very often look to existing, specialized, non-governmental organizations that have the knowledge, professional manpower and experience to respond to the great array of ills that follow social trauma."

The university-wide Centre serves as a platform for generation and dissemination of relevant knowledge, research and high quality capacity building programmes which directly addresses the needs of the low and middle income countries.  

It specifically targets clinical services, educational programmes and research by optimally utilising shared resources to teach innovative courses in areas of high relevance to maternal and child survival an​​d wellbeing in developing countries.​​​​