​The ISMC-IIS Joint Library is open to faculty, staff and students of the Aga Khan University, Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations (ISMC), as well as to Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) and AKF staff located in London. Faculty, staff and students wishing to join the library should report to the issue desk w​​here they will be asked to complete a registration form. In order to set-up your library account we will ask you for your name, postal address, phone number and email address. New members will then be issued a library card and given a user ID and PIN to login to their library account.

AKDN institutions' members can consult our materials in the library and should​ contact the Head Librarian Dr Walid Ghali prior to their visit. 

ISMC and IIS students, faculty members, researchers, and staff should complete this internal form to obtain a library card and borrowing privileges. The card can be collected from the circulation desk.

​​External visitors, such as researchers and students, have to complete this online form prior to visiting the library.

Please note that we cannot prepare letters of invitation for overseas researchers.

​​Borrowing Privileges ​

Please remember to bring your library c​ard to the issue desk when borrowing or renewing books. ​

​Faculty of ISMC & IIS​

​30 items (of which max. 5 CDs or DVDs) ​

​Students of ISMC & IIS

​30 items (of which max. 5 CDs or DVDs) ​

​Staff of ISMC & IIS​

​30 items (of which max. 5 CDs or DVDs)​

​ITREB members

​5 items (DVDs or CDs cannot be issued to ITREB members)​

​AKF staff

​15 items (of which max. 5 CDs or DVDs)

​Visiting Researchers & Faculty

​30 items (of which max. 5 CDs or DVDs) 


​5 items (DVDs or CDs cannot be issued to Alumni)​​​​​​​

Please note that external visitors cannot borrow items, but can consult material in the library. 

Loan Periods  ​​


​3 w​eeks (renewable)

​CDs ​and DVDs​

​1 week (​renewable)

​ISMC-I​IS Course Readings ​

ISMC​​-IIS Course readings can be borrowed by ISMC-IIS students and faculty only

  • Course readings with red stickers can be borrowed overnight and have to be returned by 10.30am the next working day

  • Course readings with red stickers can be borrowed overnight and have to be returned by 10.30am the next working day

  • Reference items in the Course Readings Collection cannot be issued

  • Course Readings cannot be renewed to ensure fair circulation amongst students

  • A maximum of 1 red and 2 green course readings can be borrowed at a time​

​IIS Co​​urse readings

​IIS course readings can be issued by students of these courses for up to 6 months. Other library members can issue these items for​ 3 weeks unless they are in high demand by IIS students​​

​Ref​erence Items​

​Reference items cannot be issued​​

Overdue Fines 

​​Overdue charges are as follows:​

​​​Standard (3 weeks) and Long ​Loans (6 months)​​

​£0.25 per day​

​Short Loans (3-day loans or 1-week loans)

​£0.75 per day

​Overnight Loans

​£0.25 per hour​

Loan Courtesy Notices

Reminder messages will be sent to your email account 2 days before any items on your account become overdue. Please ensure to renew or return your books promptly to avoid overdue charges. If any library materials on your account become overdue, you will receive messages to remind you and make you aware of the fines you have accrued.

Should you, for any reason, not receive overdue messages, but would like to do so, please let a member of library staff know for answers.

Please note that it is your responsibility to check your email account regularly for overdue messages and to ensure that your books are not overdue.

Renewing Materials 

​​​Library materials can be renewed in several ways:

  • Online at http://iis.sirsidynix.net.uk
    To renew your books navigate to the “My Account” button, click on “Renew My Materials” and enter your ​User ID and PIN.

  • At the issue desk. Please bring your library card to renew your books in this way

  • Users of the BookMyne App can renew their materials through the application

If you experience difficulties in renewing your books online, please contact a member of staff by email or phone before any materials become overdue.

Renewal Limits​​

​Books ​

​11 (6 times online + 5 times at the issue desk) ​

​CDs and DVDs

​2 (1 time online + 1 time at the issue desk

​ISMC-IIS Course Readings

​These items cannot be renewed to ensure fair circulation amongst students. You are however welcome to re-issue an item after you have returned it, if it is not required by somebody else

​GPISH and STEP Long Loans​

​Cannot be renewed, but can be re-issued if not required by somebody else​​

​Once the online renewal limit of an item has been reached any attempt to renew this item through the catalogue will fail. To avoid overdue fines, such items should be brought to the issue desk before the due date to either renew them there or return them. 

Please note that items for which the overall renewal limit has been reached or which have been requested by another user can no longer be renewed and need to be returned promptly to avoid overdue fines. ​

Reserving Items 

If an item you are interested in is currently on loan to somebody else and you would like to reserve it you can place a hold on that item using the online catalogue. Alternatively, you can ask issue desk staff to reserve that item for you. Once the item has been returned to the library you will receive an email asking you to collect the item from the library within 3 working days.

User IDs and PINs 

Your user ID and PIN are given to you upon your registration. Your user ID is the long barcode on your library card. This means that should you lose your library card and need a new one your user ID will change as well.

Study Spaces and Desks 

Study spaces and desks in the library can be used by every library visitor for study and research purposes. Items are cleared from study desk on a regular basis to maintain a tidy environment and to re-shelve books so that other library users can find and access them.

Should you wish for the items on your regular study desk not to be re-shelved as you need them for a long-term project, such as a PhD thesis, please consult with the librarian of your institute to make an arrangement


​AKU-ISMC Library is committed to copyright legislation and both institutes hold a license from the Copyright Licensing Agency. Under the Fair Dealings provision, students and staff are allowed to make photocopies of copyrighted materials for personal research or teaching purposes within certain limitations.

​Allowed is the photocopying of:

  • One whole chapter of a book

  • One whole article from a journal issue

  • One paper of a set of conference proceedings

  • One poem or short story (not exceeding 10 pages in length) of an anthology

  • One whole report of a case of a series of judicial proceedings

  • Or 10​% of any of the above, whichever is the greater. 

Details about copyright and how much you are allowed to copy can be taken from the posters above the library printers. If you are uncertain, please seek clarification from a librarian. 

Additional information about UK and international copyright legislation can be found here: 

Intellectual Property Office 

Copyright Licensing Agency 

Joint Information Services Committee 

World Intellectual Property Organization