​​Online Resources

The Library subscribes to a range of online resources specializing in the Humanities and
Social Sciences to support students and scholars' research interests. Online resources are intended to provide 24/7 access to the library collection. 

On-site access is automatic for most of the resources the Library subscribes to and requires a computer or mobile device connected to any of the Aga Khan Centre networks​. 

Off-site access is available through OCLC authentication and requires a username and password; however, off-site access can only be provided to registered members of the Library.

To make a search in all these resources simultaneously, use our Disco​very catalogue

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​ACLS Humanities Ebooks (Fulcrum)
​​​Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur'an and Hadith Studies
​Arabic eBooks ​​On​​-s​​it​​eO​​​​ff-​​​​​site​
​Bridgeman EducationOn-siteOff-site​
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African StudiesOn-siteOff-site
​Central Asian SurveyOn-siteO​ff-site​
​Chicago Manual of StyleOn-siteO​ff-site
​Contemporary IslamOn-siteOff-site
Dictionary of Qur'anic UsageOn-siteOff-site
​Die Welt des IslamOn-siteOff-site
Encyclopaedia of IslamOn-siteOff-site
Encyclopaedia Islamica On-siteOff-site
Encyclopaedia of the Qur'anOn-siteOff-site
​Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic CulturesOn-siteOff-site​
Ilahiyat StudiesOn-siteOff-site
​Index I​slamicusOn-site​Off-site​
Indonesia and the Malay WorldOn-siteOff-site
Intellectual History of the Islamicate WorldOn-siteOff-site
International Journal of Middle East Studies
Iranian StudiesOn-siteOff-site
Der IslamOn-siteOff-site
Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations On-siteOff-site
Islamic Law and SocietyOn-siteOff-​site
​Journal of Abbasid StudiesOn-siteOff-site
​Journal of Islamic ArchaeologyOn-siteOff-site
Journal of Islamic Manuscripts
Journal of Islamic StudiesOn-siteOff-site
Journal of Muslim Minority AffairsOn-siteOff-site
Journal of Muslims in EuropeOn-siteOff-site
Journal of Persianate StudiesOn-siteOff-site​
Journal of Qur'anic StudiesOn-siteOff-site
Journal of Sufi StudiesOn-siteOff-site
Journal of the American Academy of Religion On-siteOff-site
​Journal of the International Qur'anic Studies AssociationOn-siteOff-site​
Journal of the Royal Asiatic SocietyOn-siteOff-site
JSTOR (Arts & Sciences I-IV)On-siteOff-site
Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval MediterraneanOn-siteOff-site
Middle Eastern Literatures (incorporating Edebiyat)On-siteOff-site
Middle East Journal of Culture and CommunicationOn-siteOff​-site
Middle East Law and GovernanceOn-siteOff-site
The Muslim World JournalOn-siteOff-site
Oxford Bibliographies - Islamic Studies
​Oxford Islamic Studies OnlineOn-siteOff-site
Qur'an ConcordanceO​n-siteOff-site
Religion & Philosophy C​ollection On-s​​​​iteOff-site
​Religion CompassOn-siteOff-site
​Review of Middle East StudiesOn-siteOff-site​
​Shii Studies ReviewOn-siteOff-site​
Sociology of IslamOn​-siteOff-site
​​​​​Sociology Source UltimateOn​-site
Turkish StudiesOn-siteOff​-site

​Any queries or questions regarding our online resources, their coverage and contents can be directed to Pedro Sanchez​