Leif Stenberg, Dean

Dean's Office and Educational Programmes

Stephen Lyon​​, Head of Educational Programmes​

Gulizar Karaca, Programme Administrator and Student Support Officer ​

Edward Grassby​, Coordinator, Academic Programmes and Dean's Office​

​​​Aga Khan Library

Walid Ghali​, Head Librarian​

Waseem Farooq​​​, Librarian

Shah Hussain​, Librarian​

K​​​hadija Lalani​, Senior Library Assistant​​​

Pedro Sanchez Rodriguez, Assistant​​ Librarian

Alex Leach, Library Assistan​t

Academic Publications and Research

Jonas Otterbeck​​, Head of Research

Samantha Griffin​, Research Grants Manager

​Mohamad Meqdad​, Research Fellow​

Matt Birkinshaw​, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow 

Charlotte Whiting, Manager, Publications and Governance Programme​​​


Sarah​ Savant​​, Principal Investigator ​​

Anjum Alam​, Project Manager

Gowaart Van Den Bossche​, Post-Doctora​l Research Fellow​​

Peter Verkinderen​, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Aslisho Qurboniev​, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow 

Mathew Barber​, Research Associate

Lorenz Nigst, Research Associate

Nadia Bhaloo​, Admin Assistant

Communications and Professional Programmes Unit

Alexandra Khan​, Manager, Marketing, Communications and Professional Programmes  

Layal Mohammad, Co-ordinator, Marketing, Communications and Professional Programmes  

HR, Finance and Administration​

Saima Faisal Ali​, Head of Administration​

Karim Velji​, Accounts and Admin Assistant

IT Department, providing services to ISMC, IIS and AKF​​​

​​​Gus Ghorayeb​​, IT Manager​

Atif Idrees​, Senior IT Support Officer​​​

Vahab Ghofrani​​, IT Support Officer​

Hakam Orabi​, IT Service Desk Engineer