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Faculty Publications

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Dr Sevgi Adak

"Siyaset ve Toplumsal Cinsiyet" [Politics and Gender] in Toplumsal Cinsiyet Tartışmaları [Gender Debates], Feryal Saygılıgil (ed.), Istanbul: Dipnot, 2018 (Second edition), pp. 17-32.


Dr Sanaa Alimia

Alimia, Sanaa. "Performing the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border through Refugee ID Cards." Geopolitics. 24:2 (2019), 391-425.

 Alimia, Sanaa, Andrè Chappatte, Ulrike Freitag, and Nora Lafi. "In Search of Urbanity." ZMO Programmatic Text No. 12. 2018

Alimia, Sanaa. Briefing report for the German Ministry for Education. July 2019. "Afghanische Flüchtlinge in Pakistan." Available at:

 Alimia, Sanaa. "The meaning of ID cards on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border: performance, nationalism and control". London School of Economics, South Asia Centre. Blog. 13 July 2019. Available at: 

 Alimia, Sanaa. "Afghan refugees in Pakistan: Harassment and deportation from women's perspectives." Spotlight Magazine. April 2018. Available at:​

Media Interviews 

 Alimia, Sanaa. "China-Pakistan Relations With Sanaa Alimia." Radio Sputnik. 23 November 2018. Available at: 

 Alimia, Sanaa. "Afghan Migrants Deported from Pakistan Often Become Refugees in Europe." 4 January 2018. Available at:

 Professor Stephen Lyon

Lyon, Stephen M. 2019. "Conflict and Security." The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Major Reference Works.

Lyon, Stephen M. 2019. Political Kinship in Pakistan: Descent, Marriage and Government Stability. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Lyon, Stephen M., and Muhammad Aurang Zeb Mughal. 2019. "Cultural Models of Nature and Divinity in a Rain Fed Farming Village of Punjab, Pakistan." In Cultural Models of Nature Primary Food Producers and Climate Change, edited by Giovanni Bennardo, 141–64. Oxford: Routledge.​​

Dr Gianluca Parolin 

2018b "Testing the Boundaries of Religious Marriage (and Divorce) in Popular Culture: Egyptian Television Drama Reinforcing and Challenging Marriage Taboos".  Journal of Mediterranean Studies.  27(2): 159-172.

2018a 'Translating' the 1814 French Charter: Al-Tahtawi's New Semiotics of Law and Governance.  Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law.  19(2016-2017): 188

Translation in Arabic:        Al-Tahtâwî "Mutarjiman" al-Dustûr al-Faransî li-ʿÂm 1814: Inshâʾ Simyûtîqâ Jadîda li-l-Qânûn wa-l-Hukm fî Misr al-Qarn al-Tâsiʿ ʿAshar. In al-Istishrâq wa-l-thaqâfa al-ʿarabiyya bayna al-Aydyûlûjiyya wa-l-Intâj al-Maʿrifî, ed. Mâjid al-Saʿîdî, 76-102.  Cairo: Rifâʿa/al-Alsun.


Professor Stephane Pradines

Stephane Pradines, 2018, Swahili Archaeology, Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, chapter 5,pp 125-126

Stephane Pradines, 2018, Discovering the Fatimid Walls, Cairo: renewing the Historic City, pp 112-125

Stephane Pradines, 2018, Sufi in War: Persian influence on African weaponry in 19th century Mahdist Sudan, The Journal of the Arms and Armour Society (JAAS, Vol 22, No 5, 254-279.

Professor Sarah Bowen Savant

Sarah Savant with Majid Montazer Mahdi , 2018, The History of Iranian Cities through their Books: What Ms. Köprülü 01589 Tells Us about 8th/14th Century Shiraz , Journal of Eurasian Studies, 16 (1-2): 430-64

Co-editors, Sarah Savant with Maxim Romanov and Matthew Miller​, 2018, Roundtable on Digital Humaities and and “Digitizing the Textual Heritage of the Pre-Modern Islamicate World: Principles and Plans”International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 50 (no 1)

Sarah Savant and Matthew Miller, 2018, “‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!’: The Place and Politics of Digital Methods in the (Islamicate) Humanities” International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 50 (no 1)

Professor Jonas Otterbeck

Jonas Otterbeck, 2018, Beautiful (Pop) Sounds, Critical Muslim, July-September, 84 - 96​

Dr Jeff Tan

Tan, J 2018, Rents, Accumulation and Conflict in Malaysia: South East Asian Studies

Professor Philip Wood

Philip Wood, 2018, The idea of freedom in the works of non-Chalcedonian Christians in the fifth and sixth centuries, History of European Ideas 44: Special issue on Liberty, 44: 641-657

Philip Wood, 2018, Marriage and social boundaries among British Pakistanis, 2018, Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, 40: 40-64