​​Bioethics in the Mus​​​​​​​lim and Developing Worlds

3 October, 2014​ (day 1) 

Programme, 3rd - 4th O​ctober 2014 (includ​ing participant biographies and abstracts)​​

D​ay​ 2​

Welcome and Introduc​​tion by Dr. Jamal J. Elias

Dr. Farhat Moazam - “Teaching Bioethics in Pakistan: The principlist paradigm and social realities"

Dr. Autumn Fiester - “Teaching Casuistry: Moral archaeology in bioethical case analysis"

Dr. Abdallah Daar - “Ebola: what can we learn from the West African outbreak that will inform future bioethics research?”

Dr. Susie Kilshaw - “Women, Miscarriage and Motherhood Lost in Qatar"​

Dr. Junaid Razzak - “Ethics of Life Saving Care in a Privatized Health System – resources versus fundamental duty"​​​​​


Dr. Udo Schüklenk - “Global Health Obligations and the Prioritization P​roblem in Public Health Emergencies”​​