​Bioethics in the Muslim and Developing Worlds

4 October, 2014​ (day 2) ​


Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta (web presentation) - “Polio eradication in Pakistan: challenges and opportunities for the Aga Khan ​University”​​

​​​Mehrin Masud-Elias, Esq. - “The Devil’s Details: Ethical implications of key operational challenges in conducting clinical research at academic institutions”​​​


​​​Dr. Murad Khan - “Beyond Quality: Organisational ethics and organisational integrity”

​​Questions for Masud-Elias, Esq., and Dr. Khan​​​

​​​Dr. Aamir Jafarey - “A Decade of doing Bioethics in Karachi: The CBEC experience”

​Dr. Aasim Ahmad - “Education and Capacity Building in Bioethics”

Questions for Dr. Jafarey and Dr. Ahmad​