Alumni Case Studies​

Hinna Hussain, Pakistan


​​"The intellectual and social exchanges at ISMC really changed my perspective on academic learning into lifelong learning.  Besides focusing on continual professional development and reading, I am now contributing to a few causes in the community that I care for. I belong to youth development programs and camps catering to young people from all over Pakistan. Following my deep passion in arts, I became a part of national management at Jubilee Arts International Festival held in Lisbon, Portugal. At  present, making full use of my education and passion, I am serving as Joint-Secretary for the Aga Khan Local Education Board for Kharadar Jurisdiction, Karachi where we promote a range of educational programs ranging from ECD to higher and continuing education. In addition, I am strongly associated with AKU-ISMC alumni network. This provides me an opportunity to cherish my memories and helps me to stay connected with the vision of the university as a permanent part of the community. For all the current ISMC students and alumni to-be out there, I believe your circumstances might remain unchanged after the graduation, however, the way you look at them will definitely be transformed. So use this personal and/or intellectual transformation for the refinement of your personality, profession, family, and society as ‘It is your light that lights the world’-Rumi."