Philip Wood


Telephone: 44 207 3803866



Dr. Wood completed his DPhil in 2007 at St. John’s college, Oxford under the supervision of Averil Cameron. This was followed by a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Corpus Christi College. He has published two OUP monographs that have focused on the development of religious communalism in Syria and Iraq (

Research interests

Christian Orient; Late antiquity; Syriac; Hagiography and Historiography; Ethnogenesis and communalism; History of the Caliphate; Diaspora; Integration; Religious minorities in modern Syria and Iraq.


Dr. Wood has taught the history of late antiquity (c.300-800) at Oxford and Cambridge from 2005-2012. He also taught a course at SOAS in 2008-10 on Martyrdom and Monasticism within the Study of Religions department. He is currently involved in designing history curricula for the University of Central Asia.

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