Jonas Otterbeck


Head of Research

Telephone: 020 7380 3849



PhD in Islamic Studies, Lund University, Sweden, 2000.
BA in Arabic, Lund University, Sweden, 1990.


1994–1998: Teaching Assistant, CTR, LU.
1998–1999: Assistant Professor, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Malmö University (MU).
2000–2002: Assistant Professor, IMER, MU.
2002–2008: Tenure at IMER, MU.
2009: Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies at CTR, LU.
2009, June: Docent (Associate Professor), Islamic studies, CTR, LU.
2009–2010: Associate professor, Islamic Studies, CTR, LU.
2010–2013: Tenure as Associate Professor, Islamic Studies, CTR, LU.
2013 Dec: Professor, Islamic Studies, CTR, LU.
2013–2018: Professor, Islamic Studies, CTR, LU.
2018 Sept: Professor, part time, Islamic Studies, CTR, LU.

Current areas of teaching

Islamic, Middle Eastern, Religious Studies and History of Religions, Teacher Education, Human Rights, Social Work.

Research interests

Contemporary Muslim cultures, arts and popular culture, especially music; migration; Islam in Europe; new Islamic thinking; gender and sexuality studies; the anthropology of Islam; Islamophobia.


Over the last twenty-five years, Otterbeck has engaged in research about contemporary Islam, often with political relevance. Professor Otterbeck has, among other things, published on the situation of Muslim pupils in Swedish schools, the identity constructions of Muslim youth and their understanding of Islam, the representation of Islam and Muslims in Sweden, Islamic revivalist discourse, active citizenship among Muslims, and the relation between European states and Muslim organizations. His most recent research is on Islamic pop music and especially the media company Awakening and its artists like Maher Zain, Harris J and Raef. Professor Otterbeck’s also has an interest in research on music censorship and an engagement for artists’ right to expression.

Before moving to AKU–ISMC in September 2018, Professor Otterbeck was professor of Islamic Studies at Lund University, Sweden. Prior to that he was working as lecturer at International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University, Sweden.

Awards and honours

• PhD position/scholarship 1994–2000. 100% salary, PI.
• Research grant from Storstadssatsningen. 6 months, 100% salary. 2001–2002, co-PI.
• Research grant, Öforsk council. 12 months, 100% salary. 2003–2005, PI.
• Research grant, Forum for Living History Foundation, 6 months, 100% salary. 2006. One out of two PI.
• Research grant, Center for Middle East Studies, Lund University. 3 months, 100 % salary. 2009, PI.
• Network grant, Nordforsk, Research Council of the Nordic Countries. 2010–2014. Funds for organizing a series of conferences including travel, hotel and food and beverage costs. Co-PI (country responsible for Sweden and right-hand man to the main responsible).
• Research grant, VR, Swedish research Council, 2016–2017, PI.
• Research grant, Gunilla Olsson’s Fund. 3 months full salary. 35.000 GBP, PI.
• Preparing application about research program, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond or other large fund financing research groups. PI.

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